Friend QDataStream from within NameSpace

  • Hi All,

    I want to use the QDataStream operators on a custom class.

    My class is within it's own namespace, which makes the friend declaration of this QDataStream operators faling...

    if i try to acces the private member "m_name" from within the QDataStream operators, it's not working, compiler is complaining that m_name is a private member.

    if i remove the namespace declaration "MyNameSpace", all is working fine..

    .h file
    #include <QtCore/QString>

    namespace MyNameSpace {

    class MyClass

    inline QString name() const { return m_name; }

    friend QDataStream &operator <<(QDataStream &out, const MyClass &class);
    friend QDataStream &operator >>(QDataStream &in, MyClass &class);

    QString m_name;

    QDataStream &operator <<(QDataStream &out, const MyClass &class);
    QDataStream &operator >>(QDataStream &in, MyClass &class);


    .cpp file @
    using namespace MyNameSpace;



    QDataStream &operator <<(QDataStream &out, const MyClass &class)
    return out << class.m_name;

    QDataStream &operator >>(QDataStream &in, MyClass &class)
    return in >> class.m_name;

  • anyone? post is still open :)

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    You have two options:

    surround the operators implementation with your namespace

    prefix the operators with your namespace

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