Remote debug and keyboard problem

  • Hi,

    I am using Eclipse CDT with Qt plugin. Working on Debian without X, running the GUI with Qt's QWS server.

    Simply, I am starting a regular cpp thread doing the logical work and then starting a standart QApplication execution. Works fine on the target machine locally. But when I start the program remotely from Eclipse's Remote System Explorer service, the keyboard input is not handled correctly. It is in a racing condition and randomly picks up the keyboard events. The mouse input works fine.

    I am aware the question is not clear enough but I couldn't figure how to focus on the problem. I can provide additional feedback on demand.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Does the problem also occur if you debug with plain gdb/gdbserver?

  • @Duck Yes, When I use gdbserver for remote execution and the problem still occurs. It seems when remotely started, Qt can't grab local input properly.

    [quote author="Duck" date="1345328761"]Does the problem also occur if you debug with plain gdb/gdbserver?[/quote]

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