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PC - Mobile USB communication for Automated Testing.

  • Hello All,

    I am working as a Test Automation Developer in Automotive Industry. The product of the company i work for is interfacing to the Smart phones via Bluetooth and implement a lot of functionality like making calls, access phone book, playing music and so on. Of course the supported devices are a lot (Nokia and some others).

    Currently, i am trying to find a way that enables me to write a test application on one of the Nokia devices (let's say N9) which can automate the testing of some functionality like the Phone Book access, the Music play access, starting call, ending call .. etc.

    As a first step, i thought i will need Qt Mobile SDK to write the application on the device but i need to know if it is possible to interface to this application (Socket based may be ? ) from another PC based application (which is in our case the Automated Environment which i have on the PC). I need to implement an interface which can enable 2 way (or worst case 1 way) communication between PC and Nokia device (and this communication of course has to be through APIs not manual). The other supported functionalities for the testing should be implemented in the automated platform.

    Is there any tutorial or hints which i can use to start with to do this kind of communication ? - I tried to do my home work before i write this post but i wasn't so lucky to find that such useful start directions which give me the initial push (which i hope to find here =))

    Thanks a lot.


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