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QT on windows Mobile 6.5

  • Hello,

    I am starting with Qt.
    We have a current application running on Windows Mobile 6.5 and implemented using .Net Compact.
    I would like to "convert" it to Qt as it would give richer and more possibilities on UI. (and also more cross-platform possibilities)

    => is this kind of porting very difficult ( of course i understand it depends on the business logic behing linked ot the app) but is QT implemented in such way that interface to do that are farily simple?
    => is it even recommended to do this or would it be better to try to enhance the current application and use Qt for new application, i.e. starting from scratch.


  • I guess, better to use Qt in new application.

  • If you were using .Net, did you use C++ managed or C#?
    Qt is C++, unmanaged, so this is a big difference. In general, I think, Qt is easy to use, so if your code is well structured, it should be easy to port (depends on the definitioin of easy :-) )

    But with porting, I think you should create a new app and convert step by step the old code....

  • Just develop it from scratch.

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