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Some questions about Necessitas...

  • Hi guys, I am here again with some questions about necessitas:

    • Is Bogdan Vatra still developing Necessitas ?
    • How to change Application ID ? For example, when I build application there is written "org.kde.necessitas.MyAppication" ... well, that's not good...where I can change it?
    • How to manually install Application into virtual Android? Is it possible?
    • I can't see "Run" tab in Necessitas QtCreator, just "Run on Android device", well it's quite mysterious...
    • Packages: Ministro and Ministro II... ehm.. what?

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    In the same order:

    • yes, Alpha 4 is due to be released soon(-ish, there are some problems)
    • in Necessitas QtCreator, browse to project options, where you normally set your toolchain, and search a bit (sorry I can't be more specific right now, I had a system format recently and Necessitas is still not installed :) so I cannot check)
    • not sure I understand and know, I've always used a physical device. Yes, IIRC Necessitas creates an .apk for you, just have a look into the build directory. You can put it on your SD card and install from there
    • that's correct. It runs on the device selected in android SDK. If none is set, simulator is used
    • Necessitas is still in alpha stage, API is not stable. For alpha 1 and 2, Ministro1 was used. With alpha3, a new version was introduced

    Hope that helps & sorry for not being too specific. Ask more if unsure.

  • Wow, thanks for quick answers :) ... I was looking for APK files...I have found just debug version...I am missing release version...just that...

    I have debug will be enough, to send it to my co-worker?

    D:\Dev\necessitas\android-sdk\tools\ant\build.xml:364: Unable to delete directory D:\Dev\projects\Mind\MindBrowser\MindBrowser\android\bin

    Total time: 0 seconds
    Packaging Error: Command 'D:\Dev\necessitas/apache-ant-1.8.2/bin/ant.bat clean debug' failed.Exit code: 1
    Error while building project MindBrowser (target: Android)
    When executing build step 'Packaging for Android'

    Whoops, something went wrong... what shall I do?

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    Ugh, windows == no idea. I'm using Linux only. Seems to be ant-related.

    For a coworker, a debug version should be OK. For publishing in Play Store, better find a way to build release ones.

  • Yes, it is Ant related. This thing makes me crazy.

  • [quote author="Peppy" date="1342551882"]Yes, it is Ant related. This thing makes me crazy.[/quote]

    I'm wondering, how do you fixed debug/release issue? I'm still stuck with debug apk!

  • Well, I dont rember...but I think it was just about copying some libraries from JRE to JSE (or vice versa)...

  • [quote author="Peppy" date="1360242730"]Well, I dont rember...but I think it was just about copying some libraries from JRE to JSE (or vice versa)...[/quote]

    I tried to look for a solution depending on your hints but couldn't find a solution.

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