Android deployment with Necessitas on Sony Ericcson XPeria X10 Mini Pro

  • I've just deployed my first Android app using Qt/QML to my XPeria X10 mini pro using Necessitas and Ministro and it works just fine. However, I had to use a very strange deployment method and I'm sure there must be a better way and I wonder if somebody could tell me what it is please?

    When I build and run the app in Qt Creator, the IDE only ever finds the virtual android devices - not my actual phone (which is connected via USB). I have switched on the debugging setting in the phone (Settings/Applications/Development/USB Debugging) which I've read elsewhere is necessary but it made no difference.

    I tried copying the app to the phone (by dragging and dropping) but then couldn't figure out how to install it.

    In the end I uploaded the app to my website and used a browser on the phone to download and install it. It worked like a charm but I can't help thinking there's a better way!

    Many thanks,


  • You should create a virtual android device.

    Tools --> Options --> Android --> Start Android AVD manager --> Add
    (I prefer using AVD manager)


    Tools --> Options --> Android --> Add

    You can create an emulator or your phone (screen resolution, memory, etc...)
    In this way, at each time you compile the emulator will start, app will be uninstalled/installed and executed.

    For the time being, I didn't find a solution to execute the app directly on a connected phone/tablet.

    Hope it helps.

  • Thanks Seba84 but I already have it running just fine on the virtual devices - it's the real one that is causing the problem. However, since you have the same problem, perhaps you can tell me this:

    If I transfer my app to the phone via USB directly to the flash card, how can I then install it?

    Thanks again,


  • Hi,

    firstly, Necessitas Qt Creator will launch your app on the first available device/emulator, which this is the default behavior of the Android SDK. So if it starts another emulator instance there must be a problem with your USB connection. You can check the state with

    @adb get-state@

    (should output "device" if there is one connected and recognized).

    Regarding the installation of an apk on device: If you transferred it to a flash card you can use apps like "appInstaller": The easier way is however again the debug bridge:

    @adb install path/to/your.apk@


  • Many thanks Alex. I will give those things a try next time I need to transfer a new version of my app.


  • "adb get-state" shows "device" by Qt Creator still launches the emulator and will not deploy to phone. I can't figure out why. I'd like to deploy to phone, not the emulator.

    Any ideas?

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