Modal QWidget in Symbian

  • So i am trying to create a Modal Widget that subclasses QWidget/QFrame . I can get it to work by doing the following.

    class MyWidget : public QFrame

    MyWidget(QWidget *parent = 0, Qt::WindowFlags flags = Qt::Dialog);


    int MyDialog::exec()



    //usage in MainWindow
    MyWidget dialog(this);
    int result = dialog.exec();

    The problem is Qt for symbian displays the symbian status bar and menu bar whenever we use the Qt:: Dialog flag.
    Is it possible to just have the Modal widget displayed ?

  • @Qt::FramelessWindowHint@
    It may help you when set WindowsFlags value.

  • This causes a little bit of flickering, but...


    • call showFullScreen() for your dialog
    • immediately after, resize the dialog to whatever size you want it to have

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