Server-client connection

  • So I've made a server-client application.

    Testing it worked fine listening and connecting in the same device (my nokia, and the qt simulator), using my internal ip address 192.168.2.x.
    But when I try to connect different devices,I always get permission denied. I tried connecting to the external ip address of the devide used as the server but all the same.

    I used my pc as a server and allowed my firewall to not block this app. The port I'm using is 3724 if that makes any difference.

    So what ip should I use to connect to the server if not the external one (I'm getting it from


  • do you forward the port to your "server" in your router?

  • Umm, no. I'm a newbie in networking :)

    I'll try to find out how-to then!

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