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[Solved ] Necessitas - how to deploy to actual device

  • Hello,
    I have Sony Ericsson Xperia ST18i, Android v 2.3.4.

    I downloaded and installed lates Necessitas and I'm able to run my simple application in device simulator. Now, how to run my application (uses Android API 10) on the phone?

    I have my phone connected to PC but everytime I click "Run" in QtCreator, only the device simulator runs.


    [Edit, marked as solved, koahnig]

  • I get it - I had to enable my Xperia ST18i for "debugging" in Settings -> Applications -> Development. Sorry if the menu names aren't correct, but my Android's language differs from English.

  • How do you do it? I have Debug mode enabled but when I click run it still runs in the simulator. How do I choose the device?

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