E32USER-CBase reason 69

  • Hey,
    i am building a qt application. In it i needed to incorporate an initial screen for which i created a new designer form class, added a timer in it and after 4 seconds the this initial screen disappears and then the main app starts. Once i did this i got a thread panicking error. I deleted this designer form class but still it didnt work giving the same error. The error i got while launching on the device is E32USER-Cbase reason 69.

    Where did i go wrong. i have just one main.ccp file and one MainWindow Qt designer class. Please provide exact steps as to what is the solution to this problem.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • Ah, "good" old Symbian panic codes.

    E32USER-Cbase 69: "This panic is raised if no trap handler has been installed. In practice, this occurs if CTrapCleanup::New() has not been called before using the cleanup stack."

    Sounds like theres something wrong with your app bootstrapping.

    • m

  • It was working fine previously, i tested the full functionality of the app and it was all good. Could you please elaborate on the solution?

  • As I recall, every thread in Symbian has to have a Cleanup Trap installed. Qt obviously does this for you I suppose, but if you allocate a new thread then there might be an issue with this. I don't really know more, but if the problem is related to the timer, I'd look into that.

  • I have removed the timer. Still there is an issue and it gives the same error every time i run it....

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