Qt Mobility Location API & Nokia N900 Speed Accuracy Issue

  • Hi there, I'm working with the Mobility APIs specifically geolocation and I'm attempting to convert to miles per hour from the ground speed attribute of QGeoPositionInfo, which is supposed to be in metres per second. I've created a test project which replicates the issue I'm having which is available here: http://stage.rubyx.co.uk/mobility-location-test/

    Basically, the values I'm getting are way off what I would expect them to be. By 3 times what I would expect.

  • After a bit of testing, it seems that Qt mobility is actually reporting speed in km/h rather than m/s like it should. I'm unsure whether the problem is maemo liblocation or mobility, am now testing liblocation to see if that's supplying the intended km/h.

  • Which version of Qt Mobility are you using? We fixed a bug in this area a little while back, and while I'm sure the fix is in the 1.1.0 release I'm not sure which (if any) of the 1.0.x releases it got into.

  • The version on the N900 is 1.0.0 I think, and yeah I noticed that the liblocation wrapper wasn't converting from kph in that version. Any chance of a qt mobility update for the N900? Thanks, Tom.

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