Application as VNC server crashes

  • on my ARM board I see the following symtoms:

    • when I run an application as QWS server and VNC (using -display VNC) server, port 5900 is opened. When I connect with any VNC client (for VNC I most use vinagre on my gnome desktop) to the application it crashes (SIGSEGV).
    • whem I run an application as QWS server with -display Linux_Fb I get Linux_Fb: driver not found. The application on the target system whitout -display shows the expected contents.

    Qt for embedded Linux on OSELAS.BSP-GUF-Linux is configured using ptxdist with VNC support.

    What I wand is using -display VNC:Linux_Fb to output as well as on my target and on my development host.

    Thanks for your contribution


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