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New Raspberry Pie batch?

  • Does anybody know what our chances are to get Raspberry Pie boards in the coming months?

  • you mean rasperry pie from nokia as part of device program, or ordered elsewhere. I thought nokia ones have already been sent out. I will have no wa of knowing though because I am not part of the program. You can ask quim gil, he will know

  • Actually, no matter where from. I am perfectly willing to pay for them. But Nokia does not have any devices left, and the first batch is completely sold out. The RaspbPi project should just mass-produce them :-)

  • As I understand it, the hardware is available on a first-come, first-served basis.
    "Raspberry Pi information link":

    From the link above:

    Q - When will I be able to order my Raspberry Pi?

    A - For everyone not yet invited through to order their Raspberry Pi, we've compiled a timetable below that shows our current estimation.

    We are using the date of registration as a guide to demonstrate when you are likely to be invited to place your order, and what lead time you can expect if you place your order on the same day you receive your invitation.

    Please note: timings provided are an estimate, and will be subject to change dependant on supply dates and demand patterns

    Registration date recorded between Estimated Invited to order date Estimated shipping lead-time*
    6th March - 12th March Tuesday 19 June 9 weeks
    13th March - 21st March Wednesday 20 June 10 weeks
    22nd March - 5th April Thursday 21 June 11 weeks
    6th April - 16 April Friday 22 June 11 weeks
    17th April - 25 April Monday 25 June 12 weeks
    26th April - 8th May Tuesday 26 June 12 weeks
    9th May - 23rd May Wednesday 27 June 13 weeks
    24th May - 7th June Thursday 28 June 14 weeks
    8th June onwards Friday 29 June 14 weeks

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