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Qt confused

  • Hi
    I’m embedded software developer, last few years dedicated on embedded C writing drivers and RTOS implementations for ARM7 and CortexM3 based MCUs. Now I decided to move my team forward and deploy high level environments, much trendy, and innovative in many ways. So on, Qt was my decision but last few days arises a lots of questions. Many of them are clear to me, but not 100% sure am I on right way.
    (All the questions are embedded software development related)

    1. Can Qt framework works (be deployed) in super-loop condition, non-OS environment?
    2. I found many discussions regarding Qt Embedded, but nowhere the installation for this except Qt for Embedded Linux. Also I found installation packages within my Ubuntu for qt3-dev-tools-embedded. So, is there separate qt embedded?


  • Hi,

    1. don't know
    2. I'm developing for BeagleBoard and I compiled Qt 4 from source ("embedded": using Angstrom toolchain (in Slackware).

    1. I think I did not get the question. Check if "this page": helps you :-)
    2. If the library binaries available in "this page": are not what you need, building from the sources is the way to go :-)

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