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Nokia N9 applications without QML

  • Is it possible to make N9 applications without necessarily having to use QML?
    I read a very good documentation teaching how to exchange data between C++ and QML.
    But i think the most we can do is inherit QDeclarativeItem and load a QML component declared in a qml file.
    I wonder if i can do apps only using C++ and still use components/elements like PageStack.
    I'm not saying i don't wanna learn QML, i'm working on it, but i really like C++.

  • It is impossible to use PageStack and co without QML. They are private class behind, but no public C++ classes. You can still look at the code and reimplement everything by hand, but it is really tedious.

    You may use QWidgets. They works, but looks aweful, and you also need to to do a lot of work to manage swipe / kinetic scrolling and so on

  • Yeah... i think it's not worth it.
    Thanks! :)

  • See discussion "QML C++":
    Although this was about symbian.
    I stopped development in Qt/C++ for the time being.
    Now looking at the Android NDK. Androids support for C++ (via NDK) is increasing.
    With Qt (small devices) it's the other way around: you are practically forced into QML.
    Good luck.

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