QT5 Text rendering issue.

  • Hi
    I have cross compiled QT5 on a MIPS based platform.
    Whenever I run application including sample apps, (Which contains text), first it draws the text and later paints the area of text with "rectangle" fill of Text Color.

    So finally I see a black rectangle all the places where text is displayed. If i change the text color, the color of rectangle also changes. Has anybody faced this issue? Any suggestions?


  • Moderators

    File a bug report at Jira... or ping guys at IRC, and/ or push the issue to development mailing list.

    I have not had that myself, but I used Qt5 on x86_64 only so far.

  • I will..
    For time being, when we tried forcefully to enable Glyph cache, then we are not seeing this issue.

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