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Qt Necessitas shared library and android project

  • Hi,
    I would like to use a shared library (made with Necessitas Qt) called from an Android Project (with Eclipse).

    I already developed a wrapper between Java and C++/Qt with JNI.
    All is working fine on my PC when i use java code.

    I refactor my java project to an Android project (with an Activity and all we need).

    System.load correctly find the library but my library (wrapper) uses an other library (also made with Necessitas) who uses Qt Lib.
    So, I can't load my application because "Qt cannot load the platform plugin "android", availables are :"

    I tried a lot of things without results :-(

    Where this plugin should be ?
    (If i put in the working directory, the call is fine but other files/lib/... are missing)
    Please, somebody can help me ?

  • The platform plugin basically consists of two parts, the mentioned shared library and a jar named QtIndustrius-9.jar (in your case). If you don't want to add the jar you've to make sure that no jni method is called within the platform plugin (I commented all calls to registerNatives).

    (And I guess you're not building your final app with Qt Necessitas? So make sure that you're linking all required Qt libs in your file)


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