GDB Debugging helper

  • Initiating remote debugging on an embedded device in Qt Creator 2.0 only partially works. I get an error that the debugging helper is missing saying that "the debugging helper library was not found at ." I have my Qt Embedded build version selected, and I can seem to build the Debugging Helper, the field then indicates a green check, but the debug mode can't seem to find it. Any suggestions for where look to diagnose this further?

    The GDB trace seems to assume a python enabled gdb, is this assumed when the debugging helper doesn't load, or is a python-enabled gdb required for remote debug? I'd like to try an avoid rebuilding my toolchain provided gdb.

  • In some cases extra functionality like the python enabled debugging could be installable as a separate package, like a plug-in or module. You could check for that with your distro.

  • I bypassed it and am just using gdb command line with some hand setup for solib paths in the init. This gdb (6.6) is pre-python scripting I think, so it wouldn't be a plugin option...

    Now to debug the crashes in the basic examples on my arm system.

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