[Resolved] mkcal backend

  • i'm writing a qmlcalendar for harmattan, i use mkal backend
    property OrganizerModel organizer:OrganizerModel{
    id: organizer
    startPeriod: currentDate
    endPeriod: Month.tomorrow(currentDate);
    when i save a item i have:
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2276 - appending incidence "6adc3adf-68f7-4cfe-ab6f-60d1c3979831" for database insert
    sqlitestorage.cpp: 2126 - inserting incidence "6adc3adf-68f7-4cfe-ab6f-60d1c3979831" notebook "f1b785aa-996d-4259-b3b6-50a552e6b09a"

    Number of ITEM = 0
    and list of the item is empty

    What's happen?

  • Resolved: added
    2 <request>
    3 <credential name="GRP::calendar"/>
    4 <for path="/usr/local/bin/mycalendar"/>
    5 </request>

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