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How to generate a single SIS that contanes a GUI App and a console App ?

  • Hi every one,
    i have two application one that is a console application that runs in background, and the other one with a GUI basically from where the user can set some settings and those setting are sent to the console app,
    the two Apps are communicating via QLocalSocket,
    tell now they are two separate Apps communicating together, but what i need is one .SIS file containing both Apps,
    how i can do that?!
    Note that my console app is starting up on boot "independently from GUI".
    so Is that possible to do,,any suggestions or hints Please??!!

  • Yes it is possible.

    You will create a separate .SIS file for the console application and you will embed it in the .SIS file of the GUI application. Thus when installing the GUI application, the console application will also be installed. It will work separately so you will have no problem.

    How to do it:
    First as said you generate the .SIS file of the console application. Then in the .pro file of the GUI application you add the following:

    customrules.pkg_prerules =
    " "

    DEPLOYMENT += customrules

    What the above lines mean: With the .SIS file that will be created for the applicaiton that belongs the .pro file, the .SIS file specified will also be included and installed at the same time. At the line where the "Epoc32/InstallToDevice..." is you define the folder where the .SIS file of the console application is. Next to the path you set the UID of the .SIS file. You can find the UID from the .pro file of the console application. Copy, paste and build your final application. Now you should be ready.

  • thanks for the reply,, i haven't tested it yet, still having some issues in generating .SIS for my console app..though i'll provide a feed back when i try.

    umm i was wondering if it works with MeeGo and Debian packages,, what to do in this case?!

  • Unfortunately i have no idea how to do it for MeeGo, sorry.

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