[Solved] QTextEdit bug on Symbian S60v5?

  • When I put many widgets(Buttons and TextEdit) in QMainWindow, and it seems that it run well on Symbian emulator by carbide and Symbian device 5230,but when I try to input some characters on TextEdit, I found that I could only input the English characters.I could not input the Chinese and numbers.
    I try it on the Symbian device E66, I could input all the characters!!

    This is the PrintScreen I got on Symbian device 5230:


    Qt version is 4.7.0

  • What encoding did you use?
    Try use QTextCodec for convertation your text to utf8 encoding.

  • Hello,vass.

    I add the
    to my project.

    and the app didn't work.

    have you try to add the QTextEdit to QMainWindow,and the QTextEdit could accept chinese input?

    PS: I have developed it on Symbian device, and I know it work well on the desktop environment.

  • I had solved it yesterday.

    I think may the Runtime lib for my Phone Version's problem. So I installed the Qt_demo(it includes the runtime lib) on my phone(5230). And the problem was solved.

    Thanks all who had viewed this thread.

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