How to Get the Children of Tool Bar ?

  • i am trying to get the name of the Tool Button that is in the Tool Bar to connect the Signals

    i have tried this, but it will not give the name of Control Can anyone tell, how to do that

    qDebug() << "My Static Tool Bar accessibleName"<<toolBar->accessibleName()
    qDebug() << "My Static Tool Bar accessibleDescription "<<toolBar->accessibleDescription() ;
    qDebug() << "My Static Tool Bar childAt "<<toolBar->childAt(20,600) ;
    qDebug() << "My Static Tool Bar children" << toolBar->children() ;

    Thanks in Advance.

  • Hi,

    I don't know if there's a way to access internal created ToolButton widgets on the toolbar. Anyway, I suggest to enumerate the actions related to the toolbar, and to connect signals there.


  • see if this helps:
    QList<QToolButton *> buttonlist
    = myToolBar->findChildren<QToolButton *>();
    QListIterator<QToolButton *> i(buttonlist);
    while (i.hasNext())
    qDebug() <<;

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