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Last Try

  • What's wrong if even the examples in qtdemo.sis are not running on E72 ??

  • I just tested this:

    • fetch installation packages from (qt.sis and fluidlauncher.sis)
    • uninstalled everything from my E72*
    • installed Qt and then Fluidlauncher
    • Started Fluidlauncher from Applications folder
      --> All the demos start and are usable (well, some of them area hardly optimized for non-touch use, but ...)
    • If you have installed some pre-requisities yourself (such as openC) it might cause issues

  • Also, it might be good idea to check the firmware version of E72.
    Mine had 021.024. It might be that the earlier firmware versions might have invalid openC on-board.

  • Thank you all !

    Now I messed it up. I uninstalled everything, even this OpenC stuff and PIPS.

    During installation Qt.sis is complaining about missing OPneC references. Guess I have to reinstall OpenC. PIPS I've already

    I have the latest firmware.

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