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Qt & Windows Phone 7

  • Hello,

    Qt will be compatible with Windows Phone 7 ?

  • This may be slightly a difficult thing. As you may be aware, Windows Phone 7 as an application development ecosystem is very much like the iPhone back in the very early days: You must use the .Net platform to develop applications for it, and unless Microsoft takes another stance on that topic, it is likely to be very difficult to get Qt on there. Not impossible, obviously, just difficult. Ask me, it's a strange decision anyway, it's something all the many smartphone platform developers have tried, and they've all had to open for native app development at some point, it strikes me as decidedly strange that Microsoft has chosen that path as well, even though it's so clear from experience that it simply doesn't work.

  • If it is based on Windows CE, wouldn't it be?

  • I'd like Qt (QML) on windows phone 7 badly. I want Qt QML on everything. :D

  • If someone would work with me and direct me, I'd volunteer to port Qt to XNA and DirectX for WP7 and WP8. I've heard that Windows Phone 7 can support native code as lang as the phone is jailbroken, but that may not give you enough user base.

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    trusktr: Digia has people looking into supporting Qt on WinRT or whatever it is called now. We even showed a very early demo at devdays last year. From my limited windows foo that should help with windows phone 8, too.

    Any help is appreciated:-)

    PS: Qt runs fine on Windows 8 in desktop mode, but that is of course not an option for arm-based windows 8 devices or phones.

  • @Tobias, I want this badly. I'll be graduating this Spring and will have more time on my hands. Please do let me know if you know of any existing efforts for Windows Phone. Angle seems like the route to be taken, from some initial reading.

  • Windows phone 7 has no C runtime so it's can be possible with Windows phone 8 since Ms has worked to provide a complete C runtime.

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    read "this": and "this":
    Once this reaches a productive phase you can do Qt apps on Windows Phone 8.

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