Qt application increases memory

  • Hi,

    I have developed Qt application using qml and cpp in which i created too many windows which are all initially created at start up time, i just set visible true/false whenever i required/remove it. but when i change the visibility to true/false for too many windows it continuous increasing the memory slowly. initially it was 69 Mb and after some time it reaches to 90 Mb almost. can any one help?

    [edit: fixed typo in title, eddy]

  • Take a look at loader. You can use it to only load views when you need them. I found it sped up one of my apps a little bit and decreased memory usage.


  • There could be many different reasons for an application to increase memory use over time. For example, there could be a simple memory leak in your app. You can try running the app in Valgrind's memcheck to see where the memory is allocated.

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