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Qt 4.8.0 on Windows CE 5.0 causes system freeze

  • Hi,

    I have a mobile application running on a Windows CE 5.0 mobile barcode scanner device
    which does XML-RPC calls via MaiaXML-RPC lib [1]. (Basically for inventory usage)
    After calling a RPC method from a QLineEdit returnPresses() slot, the RPC lib processes
    the request asynchronously with QNetworkAccessManager::post method.
    When the request has finished the return values of the method is processed with finished() signal.
    At this point the whole Windows CE system crashes and has to be rebooted.

    If I place a delay on the RPC server side that the method will return delayed, the application wont crash.
    Doing the same call but from barcode scanner window message works.
    I think its a thread synchronization issue.

    The strange thing is that it only behaves like this if I run the application standalone on the device.
    If I run the application with Visual Studio, no matter if Debug or Release build, everything works fine.
    On Linux/Windows Desktops everything works fine, too.

    The Question is:
    How can I debug this with a frozen Windows CE system?


  • Hi

    I think I've just hit this problem with 4.7.4 on WinCE. Did you ever manage to track down the problem?


  • Hi Steve,

    unfortunately I couldn't solve this. I finally used c#.

    Best regards from Hamburg


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