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  • Hello, i'm developping a software that use web pages grouped together to form a package and there's 4 packs.
    I'm uncluding this package in the software ressources, so the question is instead of compiling 4 différent application for the 4 different package how can i develop a system that can update my software and include the package directly in the ressources ?
    thank you for answearing to my question.

  • You can create separate dll for your resources.
    For updates you can use ftp or http and place new dlls in the server's folders. Make your app check this folders and download files if new version is available.

  • the problem is not in how to download or not, the problem is how to create the dll ,package ,update or whatever his name is. I didnt find any link that can help me ! how can i do that ? Is there any solution or tutorial ?

  • I am not sure I understood the question fully, but we use the "installer framework": to install lots of different applications in the Qt SDK.

  • Searching on the net i figured out that if i include my web pages with the exe i will not be able to modifie it so no instead of that i will left the web page grouped and clear on the hard drive but they will be crypted. So the question is : is there any good idea to begin with this methode or is there any other aproche to secure my ressources ?

  • Have you read link? If you include your resources with the separate dll build as a plugin you will be able to modify this resources through replacing this plugin.
    But there is such thing as Resource Hacker. It can modify resources even if they are built-in. So if you're really need to forbid modifying than yes, you have to use some encryption.

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