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QDir entryList with huge file on embedded linux

  • Hallo!

    I have a problem with QDir on my system. It's embedded linux with an arm9 processor. I want to compute the size of a directory. Everthing works fine for me except one directory. It consists of 1 file.

    "ls -l testfolder/" gives me:
    -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 8827390720 Mar 2 07:47 Video-12_03_02_0026.avi

    The file exists and has a size of 8,2GB. (It is a test video with a length of 9h)

    In my application I try:
    @QDir d("/mnt/media/testfolder/");
    qDebug() << d.entryList(QDir::AllEntries);@

    It gives me:
    (".", "..") -- means no file, but their is a file!

    Does anybody know what the problem is? The size of the file? I have another video file with a size of 1GB and this one is recordnized correctly with "entryList".

    Thank for your help,
    Robert Adler

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    I am just guessing here: There is a option to configure (-largefile) to enable large file support while building Qt... did you set that one? It is set by default (at least on desktops), so this might be of the mark.

  • Thanks a lot! Qt was configured with -no-largefile. I don't no why bus that's the reason! I have to recompile with large file support.

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