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QMediaplayer of Multimedia in Qt moblilty

  • Recent days I used Qt moblility to enable the videoplayer on MeeGo handset system.

    I found that when QMediaplayer sets video output, it has two ways. One is QVideoWidget, the other is QGraphicsVideoItem. And in Qt moblility gstreamer plugin, it has three rendering ways for the playback.

    QGstreamerVideoWidgetControl is for QVideoWidget and it uses xvimagesink which could be accelerated by hardware.
    QGstreamerVideoWindow is for QGraphicsVideoItem which also uses xvimagesink after qt-moblility release 1.1. And it needs x_overlay supported.
    QGstreamerVideoRenderer is a software rendering path in my opinion.

    Is there any plan to make QGstreamerVideoRenderer could be accelerated by hardware?


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