CPU usage increase while runapplication on board

  • Hi all,

    I have developed my application using qt/qml. i have load the qml window and make all window unvisible when not required. when i load this application on board it cpu usage increase almost 99% and remains on that. can any one help?

  • The only recommendation somebody can make is profile your application and look for bootlenecks respectively areas where CPU time might be wasted.

    First check: See the CPU consumption on your presumably faster development unit.

    Second check: Get at least a rough understanding of the possible ratio in CPU ration between your development unit and your deployment unit.

    Third check: See with simple math if it is possible at all to run on deployment board.

    Those are certainly general recommendations which you may have done already. When you have an understanding on the limitations of your deployment unit's CPU speed compared to your other machine you may start profiling.

    When the first check unveils that your development is already running choking when you start your app, start to find the reasons.

  • I agree with the first check..Benchmark both platforms and compare the video and cpu benchmarks. My new hardware was slo..so running a different benchmark program revealed a Video Problem..which was easily fixed with a bios setting change..

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