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Windows 7 x86 and msvc2005 problem

  • Hi!

    I have a machine running Windows 7 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, and I want to install qt for Windows CE. I have the STANDARDSDK installed, and the qt version compiled for win32/msvc2005/standard wce.

    But, the problem comes when registering the qt version in Qt->Qt Options. I choose the path, and it fullfills the Name field with the correct name, but whe I accept it, it´s not appeared the qt version on Qt Versions table.

    Is there a bug concerning VS2005 and Windows 7, or am I doing something wrong??

    Thanks in advance!

  • welcome to devnet

    Do you have "vsaddin": installed?

    Note: It does not work for express versions of visual studio.

  • Thanks Koahnig for your reply!!

    Yes, I have. I have installed the 1.1.10 version of qt add-in.

    And it works. It works since I am able to generate Desktop applications with qt for VS2005, and it recognizes the Desktop Qt version. The problem comes with th windows ce version.

  • If you go to "Qt" in your menu bar and than to "Qt options" it should allow you to specify a "Default Qt/windows version" and "Default Qt/WinCE version".

  • Exactly, I do it, but only it detects the Desktop version of Qt. I choose the WinCE compiled version, but it doesn´t update the qt versions list.

    Thanks again.

  • There was an issue, but I do not remember exactly what it was.

    Is the CE version still in the folder where you have created it?

  • Yes, it´s in the same folder, C:\Qt\qt-wince-4.6.2. When I select it, no errors appear, and the "OK" button enables, but no path is inserted in the list.

  • Did you remove anything from the folder yet?

    You cannot rename the folders after creating the version. The paths are included in the compiled versions of qmake and other stuff. So, renaming will break the connections.

    All I remember is that I needed to try a couple of times. This included a complete reboot. But there was nothing obviously you had to do. Sorry for the fuzzy description. :-(

  • I have compiled everything again, but no way to recognize as valid Qt version. No errors are thrown, but the list doesn´t update with the desired default Qt for WinCE version.

    No suggestions around this issue???

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