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Virtual keyboard, not fullscreen

  • Hello Qt developers,

    When using QTextEdit on Symbian platform the virtual keyboard shows up fullscreen by default, is it possible to use the keyboard non-fullscreen, so that the user could see the real textedit (not the one from the keyboard)?


  • Unfortunately no.
    It's managed by the operating system.

    Take a look at this, maybe it'll help: "virtual keyboard":

    Don't know how it'll look on mobile platform.

  • Thank you, but what I searched for was a native solution, like in the messaging application.

  • Hey Strahlex!
    I was just facing the same question and could not find anything but this thread on google.
    So sorry for reviving this old thread, but there is a solution and maybe it'll help someone who googles it just like me.
    Just set the ApplicationAttribute AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode to false:

    @QApplication::setAttribute(Qt::AA_S60DisablePartialScreenInputMode, false);@

    ...that's all. Took some grepping through the qt sources for me to find that out :/


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