Runonphone with coda on Ubuntu 11.10 Linux host

  • I just upgraded my C7 to belle and had to learn that TRK isn't supported anymore. So i installed CODA. It took me some time to find a matching runonphone (which i finally found in the qt4.8 src tarball).

    The version in there needs a little patch to be able to detect the naming scheme of the current Linux kernels.

    Line 157 in serenu_unix.cpp has to changed from
    @ eligibleInterfaces << QString("usb-%1_%2-if%3")@
    @ eligibleInterfaces << QString("usb-%1_%2_.*-if%3")@

    as the friendly name nowadays seems to include the serial number. E.g. my c7 shows up as:


    Another thing i have not figured out yet: Can i get the console output with coda? I am used to see the console log when running an application using trk, but with the latest runonphone and coda i don't get the qdebug output.

  • Moderators

    Could you please submit your patch as a "review request": ?

    We still can not accept changes via random channels:( The official channel got way nicer when we went to open governance, so it is really worth your while doing a review request nowadays:-)

  • I am pretty sure that this patch breaks setups with older/other kernels. So i'd rather have the hint here so people can find it and apply it if they encounter the same problems.

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