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[ALTERNATIVE APPROACH] How to launch Qt applications from running Qt application (QWS problems?)...

  • Hi,

    1. Don't really know what to search for to find this answer. I poked around using QWS but didn't find a good match to my problem. If any want to just point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.

    -2. Sorry about the all caps Qt, etc. But I really don't know how to turn off the spell checker on this tablet.-

    Ok, so I have several Qt applications which run independently on an embedded MIPS platform. They all are invoked like "app_name -QWS" (again, spell checker). They all run windowless taking up the whole screen.

    What I would like to do is create a supervisory Qt menu like application that will launch any of these previously created Qt applications. Then, when I exit one of these launched applications I would resume running the supervisory Qt menu application.

    Currently, when launching the previously created Qt application from the supervisory Qt application the Linux MIPS box reboots. I thought "sure, I'm trying to start a second QWS (again, spell checker)". So I removed the QWS from the start up command. The Linux box still reboots.

    For testing purposes, we created a supervisory Qt application which did not need a windows server. It displays nothing on the screen. It simply starts up the previously created Qt application. That worked.

    So I am left to believe one can not start a Qt application with a window server (I.e. APP_NAME -QWS) then try to start another application from within that application with or with out a new window server. Is that true?


  • Not really sure if what I was trying to do above is possible. And it needs to get done. So here's what we are going to do instead:

    1. A script is started which will start the supervising Qt program.

    2. The supervising Qt program will present a menu of several other Qt program. The user picks one and the supervising Qt program will terminate and return a value to the script.

    3. The script uses this value to pick which Qt program to run.

    4. When that Qt program terminates the scripts will start up the supervising Qt program and the cycle repeats its self.

    I have only implimneted parts of this in the past, but see no reason why it wouldn't work when combined to perform the above feature.

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