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Qt/Embedded and JVMs

  • Hello,
    I'm new to Qt/Embedded and I have a question.
    I need to run Java applications (with Swing) within a Qt/Embedded based application launcher. I have read that this is possible provided that a JVM that runs on Qt/Embedded is used.
    I haven't find any recent discussion about this topic. Is it still possible? Are there JVMs that run on Qt/Embedded? Is the result a standard Java application that runs using qws?
    Thanks a lot

  • Not familiar with Embedded System, but the topic seems related with Java and C/C++, maybe JNI could be a solution.(Java Native Interface call C/C++ or C/C++ initialize the JVM to call Java)
    refer to http://docs.oracle.com/javase/7/docs/technotes/guides/jni/spec/jniTOC.html

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