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QFtp strange behavior on ARM (angstrom)

  • Hello,

    I try to connect the ftp server on the same host by using QFtp object. It allways refuses to connect to the ftp server if I try to connect by name.
    If I use the qftp example application, I am able to connect my local ftp server by its IP Adresss, but not by name.

    A QHostInfo::fromName returns an error value for the local hostname.

    What may going wrong here ?
    I use QT 4.6.2 (build by openembedded qt4-embedded_4.6.2.bb recipe for omap3evm and angstrom)

    Connecting by the corresponding ftplib routines is working.

    Wolfgang Hauser

  • If I lookup the IP Address using an ACE_INET_addr and use the IP Address returned by this object, the connection is working.

    Wolfgang Hauser

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