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Minimal build for Windows CE with Qt Quick

  • Hi,

    Been spending some time trying to minimize the footprint of a Windows CE build of Qt (4.7.3) that includes Qt Quick.
    So far, I've managed to decrease the size of QtGui and QtCore a bit by removing features using defines (in a qconfig file included using configure's -qconfig option - very tricky to understand what must be removed, what can be removed and what cannot be removed...), and removed dependencies on some modules by configuring Qt to not include those modules (e.g. -no-xmlpatterns to get rid of the QtXmlPatterns module).

    However, I still have a footprint of 15Mb (for the release build), and dependencies on two modules that I don't really think I need - QtSql and QtNetwork. Does anyone know if it is possible to get rid of those dependencies as well, or have an idea on how that could be done? I tried the -nomake network option, but it didn't really change anyhting at all.

    Any other ideas on how to decrease the footprint are of course also most welcome!

  • Hi,

    I've got an ARMV4I build of Qt built for WinCE 5 that is <12MB. I've basically stripped out most of QtGui and removed the dependency on QtSql from QtDeclarative.

    This "link": has the changed files for 4.7.2 and the full 4.7.2 source with the configuration file in it.

    I'm currently working on a 4.7.4 version which has slightly smaller (<10MB), to get this I've remove stl support and have changed the mkspec to optimize for size rather than speed.

    I haven't tried to remove the dependency on QtNetwork from declarative as we use it in other parts of our app.


  • Thanks! Looks like you needed some code changes to get rid of QtSql, I will definitely have a look at that to see if we can do the same thing. You also managed to add some more defines, so I'll look into that as well. Again, thanks for sharing your code changes and configs, I really appreciate it!

  • Hope it helps. We're trying to play by the LGPL rules! :)

    Feel free to contact me about the code.


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