Qt App tries to connect to X server instead of Framebuffer on Ubuntu

  • Hey Everyone,

    I am been searching everywhere for an answer to my problem. I have tried searching with queries of the error I am getting and my environment, but I think that is to general. So I am going to try here with the exact details of my problem.

    I am trying to run an embedded Qt application on my Asus eeepc. Right now installed on my asus is leeenux, which is built off of Ubuntu. I had Ubuntu eee before, and I have tried my application on both. They both gave me the same problem.

    So this is my dev environment:

    1. I am developing on an x86 32 bit Ubuntu laptop
    2. I have installed QtEmbedded with the configure script
      a) ./configure -embedded x86 (since my target is basically the same as my development laptop, I think this should be fine)
    3. I have installed QtX11 (to run the qvfb)

    I created an application that just displays some images as a slideshow. I can run it on my development laptop in qvfb, and through the FrameBuffer by specifying the -qws option from the command line(I kill the X server with ctrl-alt-f1). So that works fine.

    My goal is to run this application on my asus eeepc with the framebuffer as well so that I can just set my asus eeepc to boot to the command line and automatically run this application.

    I transferred the framebuffer example and my application (with the Qt libraries it needs, because I built it as a shared application and not static). The framebuffer example runs fine, it shows the three coloured rectangles. However, when I try to run my application like this
    @./dpf -qws@

    I get the error:
    @cannot connect to X server@

    There isn't an X server running, and I want it to use the framebuffer. It runs through the framebuffer fine on my dev laptop, as I have mentioned.

    If I

    on the asus eeepc and then run my application it works. It runs on the X server, even if I say -qws.

    So all I want is for my app to run through the FrameBuffer on my asus eeepc. I have no idea why it won't. My qmake project file and make file have all the the paths pointing to my QtEmbedded libraries, and as I have mentioned it will write to the framebuffer on my development laptop.

    A solution to this problem would be awesommmmmmmme. Thanks in advance to any suggestions.


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