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[SOLVED] My app needs 20MB RAM to run

  • Hi all,
    I wrote application with Qt Quick (I did not use C++) and my app takes after start about 20MB RAM!
    I did not use any Component.onCompleted events so I call JavaScript functions after buttons click.
    So 20MB needs only QML file to run or after start loads JavaScript files too?
    My QML file has about 3766 lines.
    After click on a button my app shuts down.

    I don not use Qt Quick components and Qt mobility library.
    I tried to set symbian:TARGET.EPOCHEAPSIZE = 0x020000 0x8000000.

  • Have you tried to run your project in Debug mode to see if it provides you with an error code? Your target platform is Symbian?

    In my opinion the Ram amount used is irrelevant with your problem. It most likely is a problem in the handler function of the button clicking. Finally, if you target Symbian platform you could take a look if you have set the correct Capabilities to your project.

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    I'm not familiar with Symbian, but could it be that your process manager is counting shared memory too? In this case, you would get about 16MB of memory from QtCore + QtGui + QtDeclarative + QtScript.

  • Yes, my target platform is symbian.
    I ran my project in Debug mode and it worked. I did not edit anything. Then I build my project in Release mode and it worked too. So maybe was bug in Qt SDK in my computer.
    Thank you for help.

  • I remember, there was a talk on dev days about such a thing.
    A QML file of about 100 or 200 lines that occupied 200 MB of RAM and it took about 1 minute to load.
    The problems there were mainly property bindings of containers and children. Each property binding is a represented by connections and they must be recalculated on each change throughout the whole chain.

    I think it was "this video":

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