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Bug: QSGTextureMaterial MirroredRepeat invalid.

  • Bug: QSGTextureMaterial MirroredRepeat invalid.

    QSGOpaqueTextureMaterial class declarations:

    uint m_horizontal_wrap : 1;
    uint m_vertical_wrap: 1;

    void setHorizontalWrapMode(QSGTexture::WrapMode mode) { m_horizontal_wrap = mode; }
    QSGTexture::WrapMode horizontalWrapMode() const { return QSGTexture::WrapMode(m_horizontal_wrap); }

    void setVerticalWrapMode(QSGTexture::WrapMode mode) { m_vertical_wrap = mode; }
    QSGTexture::WrapMode verticalWrapMode() const { return QSGTexture::WrapMode(m_vertical_wrap); }

    horizontalWrapMode() and verticalWrapMode() can never be MirroredRepeat.

    error: m_horizontal_wrap bit is 1, must be 2.

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    Looks like there might be an error in these variable declaration. Did you already check the bug report system for something like it ?

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