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IMX31 with linux kernel 2.6.26 QT ported have to achieve real time

  • Hi,
    I am using IMX-31 processor + linux kernel 2.6.26 + ported all modules of qt4.7.0
    From my application i need to process ecg samples(say 200samp/sec) receiving from SPI driver.calculate heart rate ,and has to plot ecg.
    1.)from my test app i am getting correct samples
    but when i ran qt app samples are missing.Hence calculated heart rate is not correct
    2.)Even my test app also misses samples when i ran a dummy qt app at background

    Is this is the problem with my environment or QT..?

    I know related to this topic i have seen several posts ,but nothing suits for me...

  • Hi,

    Have you used QML or got the application binary ported?

    Regards :: Krishna Pavan

  • No i have not used QML.App source code has been cross compiled for target.

  • Moderators

    I would be very surprised if this worked without realtime extensions for your kernel without missing the occasional sample.

    So did you read up on realtime linux?

  • Of course i read about realtime linux.But my question is

    1.QT -is really suits for rich GUI + real time app..?
    2.If suits what should be the underlying platform linux or RTOS..?

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    I do not see why Qt should not work here, provided get your OS to schedule the application regularly enough.

    I would try to decouple sample gathering and painting as much as possible though: Since a typical LCD screen refreshes at 60Hz it makes little sense to paint 200 times per second. You can of course not do heavy calculations while gathering your samples, but that should be pretty independent of what you use:-)

    Sorry, I have little experience with realtime OSes, so I can not really recommend which one to prefer.

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