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Context Sensitive Help (F1) says "No documentation available"

  • I'm new to QT and trying to get the help working for quite some time now. Installed, de-installed, added, removed different QT versions via QT Maintenance Tool but to no avail.

    In Tools/Options/Help, tab documentation, there are a lot of files as "Registered Documentation", all with the comment (auto-detect). I tried to delete the files and register them manually, but this didn't help either.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.


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    @gabimuc Are we talking about QtCreator? Or where do you want to use context sensitive help?

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    @gabimuc not to imply anything, but you may be using the F1 key wrong :D

    quick verification, when on the left side bar you click on the question mark do you get the help context/display ?


    Pressing the F1 key will bring up a reference to that section there and it only works, if your cursor is over a known Qt "keyword/class/function/macro" etc

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