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Qmake command is not available

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  • @Onayaaa How did you install Qt?

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    @Onayaaa said in Qmake command is not available:

    sudo ./configure -prefix /opt/geopsy

    You need to run sudo make && sudo make install after that.

    /opt is not where system looks for libraries or binaries. Either install into standard system locations or add /opt/geopsy/bin to your PATH, like this:

    export PATH=/opt/geopsy/bin:$PATH

    you can put this line into ~/.bashrc so it will be always available.

    BTW. You can compile and install Qt as local user (without sudo) - it's easier this way.

    And if you don't need any special Qt build or patches, you can just install Qt from Ubuntu itself:

    sudo apt install qt5-qmake

  • with sudo apt-get install qt4-default or qt5-default

  • i use this code to install geopsy, but when i get into the sudo ./configure -prefix /opt/geopsy the result is always error

    Go to opt
    • $ cd /opt
    • $ sudo mkdir geopsy
    • Back to directory of the ANT software
    • extract the geopypack
    • $ tar xvpzf geopsypack-57items-src-2.4.0.tar.gz • $ ls
    • $ sudo ./configure -prefix /opt/geopsy
    • $ sudo make install
    • Back to home
    • $ cd
    • $ gedit .bashrc • ====================================
    • #GEOPSY
    • GEOPSY=/opt/geopsy/bin
    • export=GEOPSY
    • PATH="$PATH:$GEOPSY" • export GEOPSY
    • ====================================
    • $ source .bashrc • Final check • $ geopsy
    • $ dinver

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    As already suggested by @sierdzio, stop using sudo until the point of installation. Doing build as root is risky. If something goes wrong you might nuke your system without even noticing before it's too late.

    Which exact error do you have now ?

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