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How to change button style sheet?

  • I know we can change style sheet of a button like in css but I don't know how to access the style sheet
    I want to use this: a6222350-142e-4e38-ac90-6a7957b340cf-image.png

    But I only know this: 8cadc06d-8e68-4c7a-9419-130fd41b8b8f-image.png

    I just don't know how to access to the part when you can write like in css?
    Please help me !

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    If you want some sort of editable stylesheet, you should make it's content a member variable so you can then modify it to match what you want.

  • @Victor-Delattre

    What do you mean? Variable RGB colors instead of yellow? Where exactly is the problem?
    The stylesheet can be treated as a regular QString, so you can make use of QString::args.

    int value = 255;
    QString style("%1").args(value);

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    Its very unclear what you ask about , but after some coffee I realized you may be asking how to use
    same syntax as in the first screen shot

    For that you can use c++ raw strings syntax
    the R"()" part.

    This allows you to have any text directly AS IS

    QString Sheet = R"(
    QPushButton#pushButton {
        background-color: yellow;
    QPushButton#pushButton:pressed {
        background-color: rgb(224, 0, 0);     
    QPushButton#pushButton:hover {
        background-color: rgb(224, 255, 0);

  • @mrjj THANK YOU :))
    Helped a lot!

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