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Vertical Tabbar, with horizontal text, not getting the right Palette

  • Hi there.. again..

    I managed to change my Fusion Style color palette from light to dark and vise versa.
    But now, i stumble across another Problem with that Method.

    In some of my Windows, i need a vertical TabBar, that holds Tabs with Horizontal Text.
    To achive this, i took this snippet of code:

    #include <QProxyStyle>
    class WestTabH_Text : public QProxyStyle {
      QSize sizeFromContents(ContentsType type, const QStyleOption* option,
                             const QSize& size, const QWidget* widget) const {
        QSize s = QProxyStyle::sizeFromContents(type, option, size, widget);
        if (type == QStyle::CT_TabBarTab) {
        return s;
      void drawControl(ControlElement element, const QStyleOption* option, QPainter* painter, const QWidget* widget) const {
        if (element == CE_TabBarTabLabel) {
          if (const QStyleOptionTab* tab = qstyleoption_cast<const QStyleOptionTab*>(option)) {
            QStyleOptionTab opt(*tab);
            opt.shape = QTabBar::RoundedNorth;
            QProxyStyle::drawControl(element, &opt, painter, widget);
        QProxyStyle::drawControl(element, option, painter, widget);

    And set it as Style for the TabBar

    ui->TabView_Database->tabBar()->setStyle(new WestTabH_Text);

    Looks great in standard fusion light Theme... but gives me a Problem in the dark one.. see:

    I´m not familiar with the Palette and Style thing.. so it would be nice, if you People can help me out here.. How can i set the Style of the TabBar to fit the current Palette?

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    My guess is that it still wraps the previous style.
    I would recreate the proxy style when switching between your themes.