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Cannot save playlist

  • I am using Qt 5.12 and Visual Studio 2017 to create an audio application. I used a method shown below (CreatePlayList) to create a QMediaPlaylist. I can use the playlist to play and seek without problems. I trying to use the built in save method by calling
    QString location = "M/Tools/Language/AudioServer/NewTest.txt";
    bool saved = mPlaylist- >save(QUrl::fromLocalFile(location));

    saved is always false and no file is created.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


    int QtAudioWrapper::CreatePlayList(QString filename)
    int status = -1;

    if (mMediaPlayer != NULL)
    	mPlaylist = new QMediaPlaylist(mMediaPlayer);
    	if (mPlaylist != NULL)
    		bool added = mPlaylist->addMedia(QUrl::fromLocalFile(filename));
    		status = -1;


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    Are you sure the path is valid ?

  • Yes. I have tried both absolute paths and relative paths neither worked. I could not tell from the documentation if the location is supposed to be a file name or directory name

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    @bclay1297 said in Cannot save playlist:


    I don't think that .txt is a valid playlist format extension.

  • I also tried m3u. Someone posted a comment on another site that said the playlist format was based on a plugin but there was no indication of where or what the plugin might be. I am beginning to think it is another one of those functions not implemented in the Windows version of Qt just like the QMediaRecorder.

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    m3u is available on all platforms.

    Look into the plugins folder.

  • Thank you for your help I was looking in the wrong place for the plugin. It is working now

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