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Performance problem with ~>100 QGeoMapObjects on map on mobile devices?

  • I am developing a QGraphicsGeoMap based application. This is running at minimal CPU load even when i place hundreds of QGeoMapObjects on top of it.

    The odd thing: When i run this on a mobile device (tested on maemo5, harmattan and symbian3), the application runs very slow once the program tries to paint > 100 objects. The difference is huge. On the Linux desktop screen refresh only takes a fraction of a second while on the mobile devices it's in the range of a minute once the number of objects displayed on the map gets in the range of above 100.

    I'll investigate this further to figure out if the issue is the creation of the objects or their rendering (my app reloads the objects whenever the map is moved or resized).

    But perhaps someone else is experiencing the same problem?

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