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Error running Home Control Demo on embedded device

  • "Home Control Demo Source":

    I have QT 4.7.4 on my embedded Linux device, the program compiles fine but when I run it I get a segment fault. Doing an Strace I see that could2.svg is loaded 3 times then the program fails.

    I have run this demo on my Linux machine (QT 4.7.4) and it works fine, I have also run this demo on my Windows machine(QT 4.7.4) and cloud2.svg never loads but the program still starts up and can do everything else.

    I thought because it did not work correctly on the windows side maybe I am missing a library but I have checked and everything is the same on my embedded Linux as it is on my Desktop Linux.
    The embedded device I am using has an OMAP in it like the N900 they used.

    Has anyone seen this error before and resolved it? Or have any clue what might be causing this svg loading issues, any input would help?

    Thank you

  • Just as an update, we moved to 4.8 and this fixed the svg loading issues so we are now looking for the changes between 4.7.2 and 4.8 that fixed this issue.

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