Way to display Selectable image thumbnails with names under like PC desktop?

  • I'm basically looking to add a QGrid like widget to my image compressor app to preview selected images in thumbnail and I want them to be selectable like the thumbnails in most PC folders and desktops.
    Does Qt offer such a Widgets or what ever that is ready?

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    Hi and welcome to devnet,

    Do you mean a grid of thumbnails like in DigiKam ?

    If so, a QTableView with a custom QStyledItemDelegate should be a good starting point.

  • @SGaist Hi and thanks just recently had some time starting to develop PC app and hopefully android apps(if finding documentation for creating apps with pyqt won't be harder than developing the whole android kernal from scratch...)

    So Yeah I Guess I'm building some bulk image compressor and renamer like DigiKam(not completely sure about everything it does...) but in general I'm looking for a mechanisim to display and have selectable images in a grid abd have the names of the images also showup underneath them just like windows 10 "Windows explorer" ideally. and isn't QTableView just used for displaying str and csv elements?

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    No it's table like view. You can show whatever you want using a delegate.

    However, that made me realise that QListView might be a better fit in your case. It does allow to show your items in a grid like manner that might be more suitable for your needs.

  • @SGaist Huh I've read a little about that QListView and in conjunction with setViewMode(QListView.IconMode) I believe It can do the intended job I'll try that later when I have a little more free time for it and update. Thanks!

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