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What is QGraphicsItem:ItemIsPanel

  • I've created a QGraphicsScene with items, some of which should bring up a dialog on a contextmenu event. I'm trying to understand if I need to make them panels. What is the thinking behind making an item a panel? I get the impression from the docs that a panel is perhaps suitable when the item is actually a group of items/widgets so you get focus handling within the item. Should I bother figuring this out? I'm guessing popping up a dialog is good enough for my purpose, that it will block other items from handling context menu events until the dialog is dismissed.

    My apologies for not RTFM. I'm under deadline pressures so I'm trying to avoid going down unnecessary exploratory paths.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Lifetime Qt Champion


    From the looks of it, no, no need for that in your case.

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